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CONLON has very large seeds and most growers try to plant at least 2+ bushels of seed per acre in order to achieve the plant population they require.

CONLON can handle good fertility and growers have had good results from pushing N levels slightly higher for CONLON

Be prepared to spray CONLON earlier than other varieties. Most first time growers are very surprised at how quickly CONLON grows from emergence to the 3 - 4 leaf stage
Be very careful what you spray on all 2-row barleys - Assert and/or Puma mixed with Bionoxil can, in some cases, cause crop damage. Check with your supplier for more information.

If you are planning to apply a fungicide to CONLON just prior to heading, CONLON will reach this stage approximately one week ahead of other barley varieties. CONLON has shown to respond well to the use of Tilt but often the Tilt is applied late because CONLON heads so early. With current on the head fungicides used for the prevention of fusarium CONLON should always make the quality needed to feed hogs.
Tips on growing CONLON!
"CONLON is a heavy barley. Growers are encouraged to weigh a truckload at harvest and do a bushel weight to realize just how well it has performed for them (especially if you feed your own barley). It was only after I weighed my production that I realized just how well CONLON had yielded on our farm.

If you have trouble finding supplies call John direct at (204) 825-2000.
CONLON is typically ready to swath the first week of August. Most first time growers are caught a little off guard by this phenomenon.

Many long-time growers in the US have straight cut CONLON for a number of years and have done so successfully. Please approach the idea of straight cutting cautiously.