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I am very pleased to tell you about our new “Cardale” wheat. (Tested BW 429) Cardale is a CWRS line bred by Stephen Fox at the Cereal Research Centre in Winnipeg and released to us by AAFC this spring. We feel that this variety is ideally suited for our customers in fusarium areas of Manitoba, Eastern Saskatchewan and Southern Alberta.

Introducing our New Cardale Wheat
A cross between McKenzie & Alsen
Slightly Higher Yielding than checks
Semi-dwarf - Good Lodging
FHB Resistance…solid MR
Good disease package available
Protein…slightly higher than Coop Checks
Slightly earlier than Carberry
Awned Variety/faster drydown
Decent resistance to shattering(our test)
I had some concerns about this being an awned variety, but we noticed excellent disease resistance, quick dry down and harvest speeds 15-20% faster than the other varieties on our farm this year.

Straw management will be a breeze with Cardale.
BW-429 (Cardale) and BW-901 were two varieties of CWRS tendered by AAFC this spring. Notice the amazing height difference, seen here in a picture taken at Indian Head July 20th.
The Cardale Fit
1)  Consistent high yields: Grower experience/Regional trial data in 2011 & 2012 confirms yields are consistently at the high end of expectations.

2) A step up in Fusarium Resistance: Wheat Breeder Stephen Fox says Cardale has two stacked genes for Fusarium resistance…A solid MR rating.

3) A leap forward for Straight Combining: Less straw + quick dry down + Less Shattering = perfect for you straight combining customers.
Pictures of CARDALE taken on
Oct. 30, 2012. This was 78 days after the rest of field was harvested. The awns are gone-seeds are intact.

Picture of John and Stephen Fox (Breeder) beside 2011 Cardale shatter check. This was very small in order to conserve the select seed for harvest.
2013 shatter check: This Cardale was left standing for approximately 50 days after field was harvested. We were concerned that pre-harvest might have an effect on shattering so please note that this was also sprayed with round up right after rest of field was harvested.

As you can see, the results were still consistent with earlier experience.