Introducing new AAC GATEWAY winter wheat
We are very pleased to tell you about our new AAC GATEWAY winter wheat (Tested BW 478). AAC Gateway is a CWRW line bred by Dr. Robert J. Graf at the Lethbridge Research Centre.. We feel that this variety is ideally suited for our/your customers in areas of Manitoba, Eastern Saskatchewan and Alberta.

AAC GATEWAY winter wheat: A cross between
CDC Osprey/N95L1226 made at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Lethbridge Research Centre
Higher yielding than Checks
Similar height to Falcon
FHB Resistance…I-MR
Excellent disease package
Lodging. . . Better than all checks
Protein. . . Higher than all checks
(1% higher than Falcon)
Excellent milling characteristics
Medium Maturity
The chart below is our attempt at comparing AAC Gateway to other winter wheats.
Dr. Robert J. Graf beside AAC Gateway